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Sanro  Trading  (Private)  Limited  (STPL)  is  a limited liability company incorporated under the Companies Act No. 17 of 1982 bearing the Company Registration Number N (PVS) 21845 on 17 August 1998. Subsequently, the Company was re-registered under the new Companies Act No. 7 of 2007 on 08 October 2008. The new Registration Number is PV 7852. Our history runs more than 20 years and during this period we have comfortably been able to supply goods to many government and private institutions and win their confidence for quality supplies and our better customer relationship management abilities.

Through the real-life business experience gained by us over the years and an open eye on the current markets, regulatory and other requirements and compliances, we have been able to gain better results always.

Sanro Trading Pvt Ltd is the main company of a group of companies involved in many types of businesses in Sri Lanka such as Agriculture – plantation and processing, Estate Management, Eco-Tourism, Indenting, Exports, Government sector project promotion & consultancy, Pharmaceutical Distribution, Licensed Ship Chandelling.


Sanro Trading (Private) Limited,
31 D ,Gonawala Road, Sapugaskanda, Sri Lanka.







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